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  • Tediana Torrens

Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The human body is a dynamic and complex system that can fluctuate towards and away from a state of optimal health. When we stray away from health, our bodies always strive to return to homeostasis, or balance.

While the modern medical system has offered incredible benefits in healing disease, there continues to be limitations in the ability to create true health and longevity. Modern medicine helped reduce death from infectious diseases, helping to extend the human lifespan. Now, we can focus on more than just living; we can focus on thriving.

One of the primary disadvantages of conventional medicine is the "one size fits all" model that has become the default. Every person and body is unique, and as such, each individual requires unique care and treatment. Instead of just managing symptoms, individualized care focuses on treating the whole person, considering lifestyle and history in addition to symptoms.

Naturopathic medicine uses an assortment of different treatment modalities such as lifestyle changes, bodywork and physical medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage, herbal medicine and injection therapies. When necessary, pharmaceutical medications can be used as well. With so many tools available, personalized treatment plans can be created to best serve the goals and needs of each patient.

In this way, the root cause of disease can be addressed, wellness optimized, and a truer sense of health achieved. This is the art of medicine, and the beauty of naturopathic medicine.



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