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Naturopathic medicine is a distinct approach to medicine that places high priority in disease prevention and the use of natural therapies. This form of medicine is uniquely suited to help individuals to improve and optimize their health- in both those suffering from complex conditions and those looking for strategies to improve their health before they are sick. Naturopathic doctors are highly trained in the diagnosis, management and treatment of both acute and chronic conditions. There are six principles of naturopathic medicine. 

• Do No Harm •

Naturopathic medicine uses the most natural and least toxic therapies possible to avoid unnecessary harm.

The patient and their wellbeing is the highest priority. 

• Prevention •

Prevention is much easier than treatment. Naturopathic medicine focuses on identifying risks of disease early and establishing changes to reduce future risk. Emphasis is placed on promoting and maintaining health.

• Healing Power of Nature •

This principle has two distinct elements, though overall, nature is intelligent.

One: The human body has an inherent capability to heal and return to a state of health after illness, known as homeostasis.

Two: Remedies from nature (think foods, plants, water, etc.) can be uniquely healing without harsh side effects, and these are often undervalued and underused. 

• Treat the Root Cause •

To fully heal from disease, the root cause needs to be identified first. While treating the root cause often takes longer than treating symptoms, the results are more profound and longer lasting.

• Doctor as Teacher •

Naturopathic doctors want their patients to understand their bodies. We help to educate our patients on how they can take control of and maintain their health. 

• Treat the Whole Person •

We are complex beings, more than just a symptom or a disease. Naturopathic doctors take the entire person into account, meet them where they are at, and provide medicine best-suited for each individual. 

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